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                                        Town of Danville

                                    Selectboard Minutes of

                                                         Special Meeting of October 12th, 2011

Chairman, Douglas Pastula called the special meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Selectboard present were, Douglas Pastula, Angelo Incerpi, Marvin Withers, and Denise Briggs. Also present was Merton Leonard, water department representatives Tim Ide and Ken Linsley; VTrans representatives, Ken Robbie, Rich Renaldo, Chris Jolly, Stantec Representative Gary Santee; Pike representatives, Andrew Zebrowski, Warren Whitcomb, Derrick Hill; State Senators Jane Kitchel and Joe Benning; State Representative Kitty Toll; visitors including, Bill and Alice Crews, Rick and Janice Benoit, David Pastula, Bob Briggs, Blaine Drew, Bert Fry, Barb Fontaine, David Towle, Steve Cobb, Rick Sevigny,  and reporter Taylor Reed.

This meeting was scheduled at the October 6th Board meeting where the Selectboard limited night work to stop by 9:00pm and to work on Saturday and Sunday if necessary. The Selectboard felt they were mislead by the intensity of the actual noise that would result when they were requested to allow the night work earlier. This move was intended to give the State, Pike, Stantec, and others involved time to schedule out their work and to report back how the work schedule would change and give to the residents a brief relief from the night work.

The construction response was lead by Project Manager Ken Robie of VTrans. His explanations included: concerns that the water lines are still above ground and winter and freezing temperatures are approaching; that storm water drainage lines will be disturbed by the excavation of the water lines and have to be reinstalled after water line buried; school testing has limited day time drilling and blasting; that utility work on the Green must get started to allow for sufficient winter progress for spring completion; the 9pm time limit does not allow for sufficient time to setup and run a second shift reasonably; that weekend traffic is unpredictable and heavy,  would result in 20 to 30 minute traffic delays; day time work only would extend the timeline 4 to 6 weeks to finish the waterline. His proposal included: requesting ten additional nights of night work; one more week of blasting; will try to hammer during the day when allowed or earlier in the evenings; while noise will be similar they will try to be more sympathetic and inform residents when work is near them; will offer motel rooms for residents in the construction zone wanting to escape the construction and noise.

Comments from the attendees included; will two weeks or ten days really finish it or will you be back for more night work; lights including blue ones are blinding to drivers; why is project so far behind; is offer of motel rooms real; plastic pipe does not thaw easily; will road surface be paved for winter; take more of my lawn if it will help you finish sooner; ten more nights has to be an obtainable objective. Responses included; ten days (nights) will finish the water line; lights will be readjusted as much as possible; project has experienced many unexpected challenges that had to be solved and dealt with; motel lodging offer is real; agreed plastic pipe does not thaw well; Pike has seen a change in work progress and assured that the water line will be in.

As the discussion waned the Selectboard reluctantly discussed the prospect of ten days of additional night work. Denise Briggs moved to approve the final ten nights of work to finish the water line, to include better communication with affected residents, offer of motel rooms for residents relief, adjust night lights for better visibility, and return with progress report for next Thursdays meeting. Marvin Withers seconded the motion, which passed by a 3 to 1 margin. With no further business, the Board voted to adjourn at 8:17 pm.

Respectfully Submitted, 

Merton Leonard,   Clerk of the Selectboard


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