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SB Minutes Oct 20th 2011



                                        Town of Danville

                                    Selectboard Minutes of

                                 October 20th, 2011 Meeting

Chairman, Douglas Pastula called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm. Selectboard present were, Angelo Incerpi, Douglas Pastula, Marvin Withers, Denise Briggs, and Michael K Walsh. Also present was Wendy Somers, Merton Leonard, and visitors including, State Senator Joe Benning, Ken Linsley, Justin Lavely, Barb and Gary Fontaine, Kirk and Mary Fenoff, Jim Ashley, Rick and Janice Benoit, Rich Renaldo, Tony Graves, Ron Gray, and Tyson Chouinard. The minutes of the October 6th meeting were approved as corrected, Angelo Incerpi was present, Denise Briggs was listed twice, NEMRC spelled wrong, on a motion made by Michael K Walsh that was seconded by Angelo Incerpi.  

State Senator Joe Benning was present to update the Board on the pending redistricting that is expected to happen due to the recent census count. It appears that the North East Kingdom will be realigned with one less senator which will further reduce our influence in the State Senate. He asked if anyone had any questions and offered his assistance to the Board for any support that they might need from Montpelier.

 Rich Renaldo of VTrans and the other construction representatives were present to update the Board on the Route #2 construction.  They feel the construction itself has gone very well and they are on schedule to finish the water line. They have tried to keep better contact with residents and have several people use the motel option. The project lighting has been readjusted reducing the glare and improving the visibility for driving through the construction.

Wendy advised she is looking over the Town Hall rental policy but has not reached any  decisions on suggested changes to be made. Green Up Vermont has requested input from the towns for their Green Up coordinators for next spring. She requested the board to sign the sewer connection for Paine's on Windswept Drive the connection was approved but had not been signed. She also had the Board vote to approve the Joes Pond Water testing bill, which was approved on a motion by Michael K Walsh that was seconded by Angelo Incerpi. The tax payments have been coming in, as of the meeting date there were still about half remaining to be paid.

 Merton reported that Kevin is out this week as well as a couple road crew members. The work on the Water Andric Bridge has been completed and has been inspected by engineer Tim Ruggles. The bridge is now open and traffic has been resumed. The Grader has been grading when weather permits, the others have been rock raking and hauling sand or hauling gravel when needed to fill in the roads where the grading is being done. Truck 10 has been in the garage for a time, they believe they have it fixed, seemed to be a stubborn electrical problem. Following up on a request to use some I beams at the wood dump for a VAST snowmobile bridge, Kevin found that they actually belong to the town and were removed from a town bridge when it was reconstructed some time ago. The Sherriff will be traveling around our back roads the remainder of October while they are in Danville. People have even mentioned they have seen them in their area. Mike O'Leary is the FEMA person for the Irene Storm Damage. Merton and Mike visited the damaged sights on Tuesday and got them logged into the FEMA computer system. Mike will be back in a couple of weeks when tax collection is over, to obtain the cost information. Greg Paul the FEMA rep on the May flood damage will be back when he gets caught up on Irene damage in Addison County. Flood damage payments from FEMA have not been received yet, and Sen. Leahy has been discussing the lack of payment in Washington.

             At the last meeting Merton advised that he, Dave Houston, and surveyor Shane Clark visited the town forest and the boarder line in question, to determine the northern border. Shane brought a surveyor's map of the lots which boarder the Town Forest that were drawn and stamped by a registered surveyor. The Conservation Commission had purchased boundary markers with the intention of marking the forests boundary. Merton requested permission to have Dave Houston and other members of the Conservation Commission install them on the confirmed town forest line to clearly mark the boundary as shown on the map. Michael K Walsh moved to approve marking the town forest line with boundary markers as shown on the surveyors map, Angelo Incerpi seconded the motion which was approved.  

             Justin Lavely inquired if the Board intended to have a public meeting on the sewer connection requested by Steve Larrabee for his property on Walden Hill. Doug explained that a hearing was scheduled last week by Gilman Housing but it was canceled prior to happening. The Board does not know if a hearing is required on the sewer request or not, but any discussion and decision would be in a public meeting. The Board does not have an official application for either scenario's mentioned by Steve. After some discussion, the Board decided they need an official sewer allocation request along with plans or drawings to define what is being requested of them. There are just too many questions that need answers. Justin feels a warned meeting should be held to deal with any aspect of this project. Merton will contact Steve for applications and information.

             Jim Ashley was present to request that the Board approve applying for an $8,000.00 grant by the Planning Commission, to continue work on the village of North Danville. While the details are not set yet, the purpose of the grant is to get input and ideas from the residents of the village. After some discussion, Marvin Withers moved to approve the application of a planning grant by the Planning Commission for $8,000 for researching a village center for North Danville, Michael K Walsh seconded the motion which was approved.

             The Board approved the orders and reviewed the budget figures. After some discussion they would like to have some of the older unused line items removed from the budget listing as they are no longer active.

             Route #2 residents Rick and Janice Benoit arrived at the meeting. They still are not satisfied with the continuation of the work by their house. They claim the work has caused their boiler to spring a leak allowing water into their basement, walls shaking are causing pictures to fall off their wall, windows are rattling, they are still not able to sleep. They have chosen not to use the motel room as offered as they feel they should not have to leave their house and property. After some discussion, the board decided they will visit the Benoit's property after the meeting, to get a firsthand view of the construction.

             Having no further business, Michael K Walsh moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:30, Marvin Withers seconded it, the motion was approved the meeting was adjourned.

With no further business, the Board voted to adjourn at 8:55 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

 Merton Leonard

Clerk of the Selectboard


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