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                                        Town of Danville

                                    Selectboard Minutes of

                                August 18th, 2011 Meeting

 Chairman, Douglas Pastula called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm. Selectboard present were, Douglas Pastula, Angelo Incerpi, Michael Walsh, Denise Briggs, and Marvin Withers. Also present were Wendy Somers, Kevin Gadapee and Merton Leonard, visitors, Ken Linsley, Kirk and Mary Fenoff, Gary and Barb Fontaine, Rep of J P Sicard Construction, Jason Morgan, and Justin Morgan.  The minutes of the August 4th 2011 meeting were accepted as written, on a motion by Michael K Walsh that was seconded by Angelo Incerpi. The minutes of the August 9th emergency meeting were accepted as written, on a motion by Michael K Walsh that was seconded by Marvin Withers.

Wendy advised that she had received three sealed bids for the Water Andric Bridge replacement. The Board proceeded to open them with the low bidder being Kirk Fenoff & Son Excavating of Danville at $219,682.00. The general consensus was that Kirk Fenoff & Son Construction was low bidder and was awarded the project on a motion by Angelo Incerpi that was seconded by Michael K Walsh. Wendy also updated the Board on the Town audit that RHR Smith just completed, and advised they would be at one of the up coming Board meetings to discuss it with the Board.

The Morgans were present to discuss the flood damaged that, Dick Wasuk, house sustained during the May 26th-27th flood. Mr Wasuk has applied to the USDA grant program to get repairs made to the damaged area of the river bank around the house. This program requires a sponsor to handle the grant supervision that USDA is not staffed to do. The municipality is the most likely candidate for a sponsor and has been involved with one previous grant application. Like many grants this one comes with a lot of contingences which must be agreed to by the grant principles.  After some discussion Michael K Walsh moved to sponsor Mr Wasuks USDA grant application, provided all agreements and contingences are agreed to by Mr Wasuk, Marvin Withers seconded the motion which was approved by the Board.

 Kevin's written report stated that road maintenance continues to have the grader working every day on the dirt roads, and adding material as needed on any minor washouts remaining, with the chloride truck following close behind the grader. The roadside mower is running daily but will be returned to St Johnsbury next week. In Flood repair work, the Joes Brook Road repair has been completed and will be put out to bid to the five area paving contractors. Also the shim and overlay work scheduled before the flood on the North Danville Road will be re-solicited from the same paving contractors. Morrill Construction is winding up work on the North Danville Federal Highway river bank projects as well. There was a smaller area that was just added to the federal list near Bridge #8 that will complete their work. Kevin and Wendy are meeting on a weekly basis with the FEMA representative to enter the repair data into the FEMA system for reimbursement. He also has damage on class 4 roads some that are used frequently and the budget is only $9,000 for all of them. He intends to open the railroad pit and use as much bank run gravel as possible, but will need rocks for repair of river bank washouts. Kevin noted that the gas tank at the North Danville Fire Station, has been removed along with its leaded gas contents. There was no pollution to the ground under or around the tank, the hole was filled and case is closed.

Merton noted that there has not been a Route #2 traffic meeting since our last meeting. Pike has returned to full construction mode with modifying some procedures. Overall delays may have been shortened, but some still appear to be rather long. He checked the DEC  website about the docks that have appeared on Joes Pond, there is no requirement to obtain a permit for a dock this size. The Bridge inspectors returned to the covered bridge, movement was only 1/4 inch since last visit, but all are concerned with winter weather and associated freezing and thaw cycles.  As the Town is buying the deck for the Water Andric Bridge an order is required to get it. Michael K Walsh moved to approve the order for the Water Andric Bridge deck from J P Carrara & Sons and authorize Doug Pastula to sign the order for it, Marvin Withers seconded the motion, which was approved. Michael and Marvin had visited the station and came up with a plan of replacement of one wood wall in the basement with concrete, adding ventilation, and drainage. Merton will write it up in a bid form to solicit bids for making the repairs.

The Board reviewed and approved the orders for payment. The Board also discussed a recent personnel accusation and the threat of litigation. In the light of this, the Board decided to seek consultation with Scott Cameron, to obtain a legal opinion on their current practices and procedures, on a motion made by Michael K Walsh that was seconded by Marvin Withers, and approved by the Board. In one other order of business, Denise Briggs moved to authorize Douglas Pastula to sign the contract for the reconstruction of the Water Andric Bridge by Kirk Fenoff  & Son Excavation, Michael K Walsh seconded the motion which was approved.

With no further business, the Board voted to adjourn at 7:41 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,  

Merton Leonard

Clerk of the Selectboard


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