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SB Minutes Dec 1st 2011



                                   Town of Danville

                               Selectboard Minutes of

December 1st, 2011 Meeting

At 6pm Chairman, Douglas Pastula called the meeting to order with Selectboard members Angelo Incerpi, Denise Briggs, Marvin Withers and Michael K. Walsh present. Others present were: Town Clerk Wendy Somers, Road Forman Kevin Gadapee, Town Administrator Merton Leonard, Road Crew members Donald Lamont and William Bailey, and Constable Jo Guertin. Visitors included: Gary and Barb Fontaine, Mary and Kirk Fenoff, Bryant Watson and Ken Linsley.

First Michael K Walsh moved to accept the minutes of the November 17th meeting, Denise Briggs seconded the motion with the correction of spelling of “formerly”, “Cromack”, and “ad”, minutes were then approved with those corrections.

Bryant Watson, a VAST representative, presented a request to remove approximately 1000 yards of material from the Railroad pit leased for years by the town. The snowmobile association wishes to repair washouts from the flood with the material, some of which may be outside of Danville. Kevin was concerned that the road crew has already done a lot of work to the pit area after the state consolidated two rail crossings into one, and there will be additional work to access the usable material, of which the amount and the cost is unknown at this time.  Doug considers that the pit is an asset to the town particularly for emergency use as well as for class 4 roads. Angelo was concerned that there are so many unanswered questions to make an informed decision. Marvin Withers moved to deny VAST request to remove 1000 yards of materials from the leased gravel pit. Michael K Walsh seconded the motion which passed on a 3 to 1 vote, with Douglas Pastula abstaining. In further discussion, Contractor Kirk Fenoff asked if the town would be interested in any ditching material removed from the trail system. This could be used for fill of the lower part of the pit that has had the material removed, and might assist in restoring the area. Michael K Walsh moved to allow ditching material to be dumped at the pit at Kevin's discretion. The motion was seconded by Angelo Incerpi and approved by the Board.

 Next Wendy had expected the Auditors to present the audit findings to the Board, but they were not present. She will contact them to find out just when they will attend. As taxes have been collected, Wendy has paid off the tax anticipation loan. She requested to get another anticipation loan to carry the Town over until the FEMA flood project payments are received. Merton had met with FEMA representatives earlier in the day to begin the closeout process of the largest project, the Water Andric Bridge. The Town is expected to receive $262,562 in reimbursement from the State and FEMA on this one project. Michael K Walsh moved to obtain a 12 month Bridge loan for up to $500,000 until the FEMA reimbursements are received; Denise Briggs seconded the motion which was approved. Wendy then presented a request for a rental agreement for the town hall for a wedding reception for out of town guests on February 11th. After some discussion, Denise Briggs moved to approve the rental request on the basis that someone will drop in from time to time and call three Board members if any of the rental rules are not being followed and they will take appropriate action. The motion was then seconded by Michael K Walsh and approved by the Board.

            Kevin next reported general type road maintenance has continued with the hoe working daily installing new pipe and cleaning existing ditches.  The grader also works daily weather permitting.  There was a small snow event since the last meeting all went well.  Winter sand is winding down with less than a day left to finish.  The contracted work on Roy and Morrill Roads, that was awarded to Mathews Excavating is completed and went well. In the next couple of weeks Kevin hopes the general maintenance work will be able to continue and will include a few class 4 repairs installing more pipes before the freeze up. With a repaired water pump on truck 8 and a radiator on truck 4 all the equipment is available for working daily. 

          Next Merton reported he was not able to get a mailing address for Ms Kittridge, so Jo Guertin delivered the notice of the meeting and copy of the dog ordinance to her house, and left it between the doors as no one answered the door. Ms Kittridge called later and said that she could not make the meeting as scheduled for Thursday evening. She said that the dogs do all have their shots, and they are all older dogs and she doesn't consider them a vicious breed. She said they are friendly to people, but there is an issue with the neighbors dog. They hope to be moved out of town in the next couple of weeks, but will be gone by the end of the month for sure. Until then she said they will be extremely careful that the dogs do not cause any more problems while they are here. They will not go out alone and they will always be on a leash when they do go out. She has not licensed them as she did not intend to stay in Danville. Josephine added that it was a state law to transfer or license dogs within 30 days of moving into a different town. After some discussion, Michael K Walsh moved to fine Ms Kittridge if the dogs are caught roaming or any additional complaints received. There will be a $50.00 fine for  each of her dogs reported loose, each time they are loose. If the dogs are not licensed within 30 days and they still reside in Danville there will be an additional fine of $50.00 each. Angelo Incerpi seconded the motion which was approved by the Board.

             Merton met with FEMA representative Greg Paul to start the closeout on the Water Andric Bridge. Greg will be logging in the costs and checking for the permits, bidding process, etc. As a large project, it needs approval by FEMA and State supervisors' of the project procedures, construction, and payments.  The total cost of the Bridge is $291,736, reimbursement expected from FEMA & the State is $262,562 with $29,174 cost to the Town.

            It appears Mr Wasuk will not be proceeding with the USDA assisted flood restoration project to restore the riverbanks bordering his property. He will advise for sure next week.  The boiler tube culvert allowing access to TH #29 from McDowell Road washed out in the floods making the road impassable. The part time resident of the house took advantage of the situation and added several road closed signs and requested that the road not be repaired. Checking the road records TH #29 was thrown up in 1940 just past the house, the homeowner has a legal right to limit access to the road past their house. However, the culvert needs to be repaired to allow access for emergency vehicles. The homeowner has a car continually blocking access to the culvert, so it has gone unrepaired. Kevin will follow up on getting the culvert repaired. Merton will contact Louise Lessard to request if she would work with the Board on detailing what the Sexton position is and to advise the best way on how to setup it up. Merton expects to have the town hall railing replacement request posted for next week.

Prior to the Board signing the orders, Wendy requested to add $8,494.94 for the first payment of the new medical insurance, and Denise requested to add $20.00 for a fire department reimbursement. Michael K Walsh moved to add the two bills to the orders and Denise Briggs seconded the motion which was approved by the Board. The Board signed the orders and reviewed the budgets.

Kevin then requested to have an executive session to discuss a personnel issue. Denise Briggs moved to go into executive session to discuss personnel issue and invite Wendy, Kevin, Bill, Donald and Merton to join them. Marvin Withers seconded the motion which was approved at 7:21pm. The executive session ended at 7:35pm. Denise Briggs moved to approve the hiring of David Bedor for the vacant position of road crew member providing all his documents were valid. Angelo Incerpi seconded the motion which was approved. Michael K Walsh moved to go into executive session to discuss a personnel issue requested by Jeremy Withers and invite Wendy, Kevin and Merton to join them. Denise Briggs seconded the motion which was approved, Marvin Withers recused himself from the meeting and left the room at 7:41pm. The Board returned from executive session at 7:55pm. Michael K Walsh moved to approve Lindsey Farnsworth to be added to Jeremy Withers family insurance plan, Denise Briggs seconded the motion which was approved. The Conservation Commission had revised the Town Forest Management plan as requested by the Board. Angelo Incerpi moved to accepted the Town Forest Management Plan as changed and presented by the Conservation Commission. Denise Briggs seconded the motion which was approved. After a brief discussion, Douglas Pastula moved to request VTrans to cover or fill in the duct bank holes and not leave them open for the winter. Michael K Walsh seconded the motion which was approved.

At 8:11 the Board went into executive session to discuss personnel, with no visitors.

 The Board returned from executive session at 9:00pm. By consensus they agreed to have Chairman Pastula and Angi Incerpi work with staff to review performance expectations and make recommendations to aid in the smooth professional operation of town business.

With no other business, the Board voted to adjourn at 9:05pm.

Respectfully Submitted,  

Merton Leonard

Clerk of the Selectboard



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