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SB Minutes Nov 17th 2011



                                    Town of Danville

                                Selectboard Minutes of

                  November 17th, 2011 Meeting

Chairman, Douglas Pastula called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm. Selectboard present were,  Douglas Pastula, Angelo Incerpi, Denise Briggs, Marvin Withers and Michael K. Walsh. Also present were: Town Clerk Wendy Somers, Road Forman Kevin Gadapee, Merton Leonard, and Visitors: Gary and Barb Fontaine, Bob Briggs, Mary and Kirk Fenoff, Justin Morgan, and Bruce Scott. Michael K Walsh moved to accept the minutes of the November 3rd meeting, Denise Briggs seconded the motion with the exception of numerous punctuation, spelling, and grammatical errors, minutes approved with those corrections.

Bids had been requested for flood repair work on the river bank property of Richard Wasuk on the Bruce Badger Memorial Highway, per the USDA engineered drawings. There were four bids received for the project, the low bid submitted by J P Sicard Construction of $11,434., Darrell Mathews Construction next at $15,400., Nutbrown Construction at $15,900, and Justin Morgan Construction at $17,999.99. After some discussion, Michael K Walsh moved to award the bid to the low bidder, J P Sicard of Barton, on the provision that all conditions are met by Mr Wasuk prior to construction beginning. Denise Briggs seconded the motion which was approved by the Board.

Bob Briggs was present to update the Board on the senior project of Jacob Roy at the fire station. The foundation of the new entryway has been excavated, concrete poured, and the area back filled and cleaned up, ready to build on. Pike Industries donated much of the materials, equipment and operators required. The Board was pleased with the progress being made on the project and particularly the assistance of Pike Industries. Angelo Incerpi moved to thank Pike for their assistance, and to place a thank you notice in the Caledonian Record newspaper. Michael K Walsh seconded the motion which was approved. Jo Guertin was present to report five dogs that are allowed to run loose off their owners rented premises. The owner of the dogs is Deborah Kittridge, formally of Barnet, presently of 125 Route #2 in Danville. The dogs are not registered in Danville, and are believed to be unlicensed. The status of the rabies shots are unknown. There were two letters of complaints received about the dogs running unrestrained off the property causing concern for people and children's safety, as well as several verbal complaints. As the dog ordinance is being violated, the Board requested Merton to send Ms Kittridge a letter recounting the violations of the dog ordinance and to invite her to attend the next Board meeting, on a motion by Michael K Walsh that was seconded by Denise Briggs.  Bruce Scott of 504 Horn Road Wheelock was present to complain about the road being gated and signs of road closed at the last house on McDowell Road. He owns land at 3737 McDowell Road and has always accessed it from Wheelock over McDowell Road. The residents at the end of McDowell Road has constructed a locked gate on the road. The road has been open for several years with people having unrestricted access from and to Wheelock. Kevin will investigate and advise Mr Scott of his findings. The Fontaine’s have obtained ownership of a lot on Highland avenue, formally owned by Gerald and Betty Hutchins, Barbara Fontaine’s parents. The Hutchins had purchased the sewer line connection to this lot in 1997. Although they never connected to it they had purchased the committed reserve to do so. Fontaine’s questioned if this right transferred to them now that they owned the lot. The general consensus of the Board was that it did.

Wendy explained that the CIGNA Insurance program that the employees now have will not be available for next year through VLCT for less than fifty employees. She arranged to have Tanya Chambers of the VLCT Health Trust to give a presentation to the town employees that are in the VLCT Insurance program last Tuesday. She presented the various insurance options that will be available without Cigna. Of the ones presented, the Blue Cross Blue Shield HSA offering is the closest to the present program, except there is no out of the network coverage for non emergency procedures. The advantage is it will be an overall decrease from the amount spent this year of $18,418. This Blue Cross program is recommended by VLCT,  favored by most towns, and the Danville Employees. After some discussion Denise Briggs moved to approve switching the Towns Employee Insurance to Blue Cross Blue Shield as presented by VLCT.  Michael K Walsh seconded the motion which was approved by the Board. Wendy also advised that the Contra Dancers had the front door to the Town Hall propped open their last rental on November 4th when she stopped by the night of the dance. It was later noticed that the hinges had several screws loosened up, common damage from a stick in the hinge area. Merton will speak to the Contras about the door situation. Wendy expects the Auditors to return for the December 1 meeting to give their report on the Town Audit.

Kevin’s road report noted that they continue working on culvert cleaning and replacement as well as grading roads most days. The Work Camp crew has been working the past ten days cutting road side brush. They have one of the road crew with a town truck and chipper working with them. They had an incident the last day when a small tree fell on a passing truck. The road crew have also worked around the shop getting things stored away for the winter. They are also working on getting their equipment issues taken care of in anticipation of the impending winter weather. Scott Chromac has found another job and has resigned from the road crew. Kevin reviewed the help wanted add that he and Merton would like to get advertised as soon as possible. Kevin also wishes to get an interview committee together consisting of himself, Bill and Donald, Merton and a couple of Board members.  Denise and Angelo volunteered to serve on the committee for the Board. He hopes to begin interviews on as soon as possible. There was some discussion with the Board if a replacement is needed right off or if they could get along for awhile without a replacement. Kevin believes it would take longer to finish the routes with one less truck on the road. As a minimum some one would have to be hired to do intersections and town driveways. Michael K Walsh moved to proceed with hiring someone and place the help wanted add in the paper and set up the interviews. Marvin Withers seconded the motion which was approved.

Kevin met with Pike to go over the temporary paving for this winter. Most of the paving has been done there are a few areas of touchup. Brainerd Street will remain closed through the green and Smith Street will be paved and open one way. Kevin also mentioned that Pike, Hutchins, and the State has always been helpful to his department and has always offered help and followed his requests. FEMA representative Greg Paul was back this week continuing to progress toward the completion of the paper work. Kevin noted that a contractor is interested in some of the bridge beams he has, the general consensus was if he does not foresee using them he should find out what the value is and they could go from there.

             Merton reported that the Route #2 project is headed for closing down for the winter, not certain if anything will be worked on this winter, discussion is on the utilities in the green. Most all water lines have been reconnected to the new lines, some drainage work still continuing, paving is done, although some patching may be needed. The primary FEMA objective is to close out the Water Andric Bridge a major project as soon as possible. It is the largest outstanding FEMA project with a cost of approximately $300,000 and has the fewest individual billing contractors. As a large project, it will be inspected by the FEMA supervisors for their approval of the project procedures, construction, and payments. The reimbursements will be at 90% or approximately $270,000, the remaining 10% or $30,000 will be the Towns cost of the bridge. The town has received approximately $100,000 from FEMA. In addition to these repairs, there are the Federal Highway Connector repairs of the North Danville Road and Bruce Badger Memorial highway. This project was over $520,000 total, the town has a separate line of credit loan on this part of the project. It was expected this may not be paid for awhile, it will be 100% refunded, including the interest. Merton has received names of contractors authorized to work on covered bridges, he will contact them to find out if one of them will give an estimate on the covered bridge abutment damage. This one gets more complicated as it is a historic structure. It was understood that the historians were going to estimate the damage, but FEMA says the town has to get an estimate from an approved contractor. Then there's Irene damage, much less cost.

             There was renewed interest in getting the railings replaced on the town hall porch. After some discussion, Michael K Walsh moved to have the railings rebid, Denise Briggs seconded the motion which was approved by the Board. The Board acknowledged the resignation of Town cemetery sexton Donald Lamont. While the sexton work was not a paid part of the cemetery caretaking job, he had decided to try it, but it took him much more time than he expected. He will continue doing the mowing and general cemetery maintenance. Michael K Walsh moved to accept Donald Lamont's resignation as cemetery sexton, Denise Briggs seconded the motion which was approved. The discussion that followed resulted in deciding to request Louise Lessard the previous sextant to the next meeting to request her experience and discuss the best way to proceed with the sextants position.

Donald Lamont had submitted his final bill for the year for mowing the cemeteries that was not received early enough to be included in the orders. Michael K Walsh moved to add Donald Lamont's bill to the orders, Denise Briggs seconded the motion which was approved. The Board signed the orders and reviewed the budgets.

Marvin Withers moved to go into executive session to discuss a personnel issue and invite Wendy, Kevin and Merton to join them, Michael K Walsh seconded the motion which was approved at 8:09.  The Board returned from executive session at 8:52, with no action to be taken.

The Board acknowledged the receipt of the updated Town Forest management plan from the Conservation Commission, and will review it for next meeting.

With no further business, the Board voted to adjourn at 8:55 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

 Merton Leonard

Clerk of the Selectboard


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