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                                Selectboard Minutes of

                             October 6th, 2011 Meeting

Chairman, Douglas Pastula called the meeting to order at 6:04 pm. Selectboard present were, Angelo Incerpi, Michael K Walsh, Douglas Pastula, Marvin Withers, and Denise Briggs. Also present was Wendy Somers, Sharon Daniel, Kevin Gadapee, Merton Leonard, and visitors including, Ron Smith, Rick and Janice Benoit, Steve Larrabee, Lois White, Ken Robbie, Rich Renaldo, David Pastula, Bob Briggs, Ken Mundinger, Blaine Drew, and Taylor Reed of the Caledonian Record. The minutes of the September 15th meeting were approved as corrected, visitor was Betty Cochran not Dot Larrabee, on a motion by Michael K Walsh which was seconded by Angelo Incerpi. The minutes of the September 29th special meeting were approved as written, on a motion made by Michael K Walsh that was seconded by Angelo Incerpi.

At last meeting the two bids received for the construction work on Roy Road and Morrill Road were not revealed as the low bidder did not fully understand the type of work and materials required for these projects. He was allowed to rebid for this meeting with a full understanding of the materials required. Mathews Excavating had bid $26,577.00 originally and Nutbrown's Construction rebid $39,300.00 after correcting the material required. After a short discussion, the contract was awarded to Mathews Construction as bid. 

 RHR Smith & Co, Certified Public Accountants had recently completed the full audit of the Town's books for 2010. Ron Smith representing the firm was present to briefly inform the Board that the audit went well and he appreciated the assistance they received from the town personnel. There are some minor suggestions of things he recommends changing, as well as changing the accounting program from Quick Books to Nemrc. The Nemrc accounting package is programmed especially for town government and would reduce repetitive work that is required now with Quick Books. He advised that 11 of the 12 towns they audit in Vermont use the Numeric software.

Steve Larrabee was present to request sewer connections for a housing development he is planning for his property on Walden Hill. He requests connections for ten houses or for a senior housing project if that develops. Either project is estimated to require 4200 gals of sewerage per day. He also requested that the town take over the new sewer line he installed to connect to his first house, as well as approximately a 100ft extension to the road to get to the house. He noted that the board has accepted both roads and sewers he has built in the past. The board will take his request under advisement and discuss it further next meeting.

Lois White was present representing the Danville Contra Dancers. She requested the Board consider giving them a reduced rate for renting the town hall, for their monthly dance. She notes that some months the donation collected for entry to the dance does not pay the rent, and that other town organizations that use the town hall are not charged for use. The Board will take her request under advisement, but advised her that they are considering raising the rent to include a nonrefundable cleaning charge.

Janice Benoit and others living on Route #2 were present to describe to the Board how bad the night time noise is or has been at their house during the night time construction. The Jackhammer has been outside the Benoit house for several nights now and runs most of the night. Blaine Drew described the similar disturbances at his house, as did David Towle and others.  While night work was not prohibited in the contract, it was not specifically allowed either. Prior to the night construction starting, the Board was asked about night work and they specifically said no night work at that time. The Board was recently requesting to work nights to finish waterlines and other work prior to winter. They advised there would only be noise made by the construction vehicles themselves, which did not include any drilling, blasting, or jack hammering or whatever they call it at night. The tailgates slamming were not even mentioned. Various comments from the Board sympathized with the residents and noted they didn't agree to the extent of the noise being made night after night, every night. While the VTrans representatives came for another subject, they did take part in the conversation to try to explained what is going on. Rich Renaldo of VTrans estimated another three weeks of night work to finish for this year, which was what the request was four weeks ago when they started.  Marvin Withers feels that the townspeople have been very patient so far, but they have been mislead about the noise and other inconveniences with this project, and have about all the noise they can stand. He moved to limit the night work to 9:00 pm and work Saturday and Sunday if they had to. Michael K Walsh seconded the motion which was approved unanimously by the Board. After more discussion, Michael K Walsh moved to call a special board meeting for 7:00pm Wednesday night to get answer of how the work plan will be changed. Angelo Incerpi seconded the motion which was approved.

Ken Robie and the other VTrans representatives were present to get additional right of way approval to run conduits and other electrical connections further on to the Green so it will be out of the highway, and work can proceed parallel to the highway work. Michael K Walsh moved to extend VTrans right of way further on to the Green for the buried electrical components as requested, Angelo Incerpi seconded the motion which was approved. David Pastula was present representing VAST to request I Beams from a bridge that are stored at the town wood dump. Kevin said that they are nothing he will use, but he wants to double check with the state. Denise Briggs moved to allow VAST to use the old bridge parts for use in Danville provided the state still has no use for them, Michael K Walsh seconded the motion which was approved.

Wendy requested that going forward there needed to be a way to do the cleaning upstairs, as it is now it never really gets cleaned, she cleaned the bathrooms herself before the last rental. She feels there needs to be a nonrefundable charge to cover cleaning, as well as the refundable charge to be sure all other material and rubbish is removed. She feels the terms and conditions need to be pointed out more thoroughly prior to rental, as well. Wendy noted that they need a burial certificate for someone buried last fall. Merton will talk to Donald to determine the status or problem with this certificate. She also had to call Louise about questions people have had about the cemeteries, and wood like more info about them. Perhaps the mowing and sextant have to be separated as there seems to be more involvement required than originally understood.

 Kevin reported the Water Andric bridge structure is all assembled, just needs guard rail and paving to be completed. The Walden Hill culvert is also installed and complete, traffic has been restored there. The four foot culvert on Mountain Avenue has also been installed and operable, just needs to be paved. Joes Brook Road has been paved, just some shoulder work remaining. Winter sand has had a few loads hauled, and will continue as trucks are available. Grading has been completed on Penny Lane and Finley Drive, and will continue as time permits on to other roads. Kevin along with some of the road crew set up a Kiosk at Greenbanks Hollow for the Dave Houston and the Historical Society. They will install posters and literature explaining the history of the area down there.

            Merton noted that various FEMA representatives have made contact, but the one we need to complete our May storm claim, has been assigned to Addison County for work on Irene claims there. He is also waiting to visit Danville Irene sights with the FEMA representative that will be assigned to handle our sights for this storm. Merton also reported that he and Dave Houston visited the town forest with surveyor Shane Clark. Shane had obtained a map of the lot that boarders the town forest which is in question with neighbor Chris Kirk. Mr Kirk does not want to accept any explanation or evidence that we have produced except his view. Dana Palmieri stopped by and looked over the town hall roof problem, he will return with a ladder lift to inspect the roof closely. Merton asked if the Board was going to move ahead with any work at the station, general consensus was too add more money to it the project for next year.

             The Board reviewed the budget and approved the orders for payment.

With no further business, the Board voted to adjourn at 8:55 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,  

Merton Leonard

Clerk of the Selectboard


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