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                                     Town of Danville

                                 Selectboard Minutes of

                   Special September 29th, 2011 Meeting

Chairman, Douglas Pastula called the meeting to order at 4:00pm. Selectboard present were, Douglas Pastula, Angelo Incerpi, Marvin Withers, and Michael K Walsh. Also present were: Kevin Gadapee, and Merton Leonard. Meeting notices were posted around town at the usual public places, and printed in the Caledonian Record.

There were two bids received at the Town Clerks Office for requests for bids sent to ten area contractors, for construction work remaining on Morrill Road and Roy Road. After opening the bids Kevin was concerned that the low bidder did not fully understand the type of work and material required for these two projects. Kevin was able to reach the bidder by phone, and discussed the materials, and the contractor confirmed that he did not, and requested to be allowed to rebid the material. After some discussion Micheal K Walsh moved to with hold the bids and let the contractor in question to be allowed to refigure his bid with the proper materials by Thursday Oct 6th at 12 noon. Angelo Incerpi seconded the motion which was approved.

The Federal Highway damage project had a final river bank repair added to the project as requested by ANR Engineer Barry Cahoon, by State Technical Services Engineer Alec Portalupi as a $40,155 change order. The anticipation loan for the Federal Highway Repair was for $500,000 which would be exceeded by this additional charge. Wendy requested the Board to increase the limit to $600,000 which would cover the increased amount. Michael K Walsh moved to increase the loan limit $100,000 to $600,000, Angelo Incerpi seconded the motion which was approved.

 At the last meeting the Board opened bids for repairs to the railroad station which they all exceeded the Boards budgeted amount. The Board had discussed changing the specs to lower the price at that time. Merton had discussed making some changes to the work to lower the price with the lowest bidder, which he did, but the Board did not agree with changing the specs as suggested at this time.

State Engineer on the Route #2 project Chris Jolly had requested the Board to consider changing the speed limit on Route #2 to 25mph all the time, and not just when school busses and other traffic was coming and going at the school. The Boards general consensus was to leave it as it is with the blinking 25mph sign when school was opening or closing.  Merton passed out a revised Town Hall usage policy, that had not been implemented, for the Board to review and discuss next meeting.

Kevin updated the Board that he was considering hiring private trucks to haul materials for repairs and hauling winter sand, as well as Larry Gadapee to operate the grader, as time is getting closer to winter. The Board agreed that they had to get the work done for winter.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:20 pm on a motion by Marvin Withers that was seconded by Angelo Incerpi.

Respectfully Submitted,

 Merton Leonard

Clerk of the Selectboard


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