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SB Minutes Nov 3rd 2011



                                        Town of Danville

                                    Selectboard Minutes of

                        November 3rd, 2011 Meeting

Chairman, Douglas Pastula called the meeting to order at 6:10 pm. Selectboard present were,  Douglas Pastula, Angelo Incerpi, Denise Briggs, Marvin Withers and Michael Walsh. Also present were: Town Clerk Wendy Somers, Merton Leonard, and Visitors: Ken Linsley, Barb Fontaine, Bob Briggs, Janice and Rick Benoit and Channel 7 news. Marvin Withers moved to accept the minutes of the October 6th meeting with the corrected dates of September 15th meeting and the September 29th meeting. Michael K Walsh seconded the motion. The motion was approved by the Board as corrected. Angelo Incerpi moved to accept the minutes of the October 12th meeting as written, Marvin Withers seconded the motion, which was approved by the Board. Michael K Walsh moved to accept the minutes of the October 20th meeting as written, Marvin Withers seconded the motion which was approved by the Board.

Although the night construction work has ended for this year, the Benoits were present to request the Board keep in mind they will be opposed to any future night work on this project.

Wendy announced that the taxes have been collected for this year, with approximately $182,000 being delinquent, which is less than last year. She also advised that Cigna will not be insuring Towns or any other group of less than 50 insured people after the first of the year. VLCT will be at the Town Hall on Nov 14th to discuss the programs and prospects of other Insurance companies available to the Town employees. She will update the Board with the choices available at the next meeting. The auditors returned to get additional information and they discussed the NEMRC accounting programs as well. Wendy recommends doing the switch to NEMRC a module at a time starting with the tax module next year, as it would be much easier and less costly then to do the whole accounting program at once.

 Doug and Angelo attended the meeting held by the secretary of state on the subject of the transparency in town government. There was a new law passed in the legislature reinforcing the requirements to be followed at all town meetings. They feel that everyone does quite well in the meetings, but recommend everyone review the literature to insure the rules are all being followed. 

Kevin’s road report noted that they have been working on general maintenance including installing new culverts and ditching most days, and grading when conditions allow. They continue hauling sand on a fill in bases, and have about a 1000 yards to go. They will continue on this basis while conditions allow. They did plow a little snow and salted as needed last Sunday for the first time this year. The work camp crew is cutting brush for two weeks  along the town roadsides as needed. The first FEMA reimbursement check has been received for the May flood. Paper work remains for both the May and Irene events that has to be processed before more payments will be received. Most all of the repair work has been completed. There will be a small amount to finish in the spring.  He and Merton did a “walk through” of the Route 2 project with VTrans and Pike representatives. The purpose was to discuss the intent of how the project will be left for the winter, and what the town needs to happen to allow normal winter plowing. Kevin feels it was a worthwhile meeting, and all involved will know what is expected.

As a result of the Leighton’s visit to a Board meeting, Kevin visited their property on Cormier Road. He confirmed that all the remaining damage on the property is out of the town right of way, so there is little that the town can do. He also discussed the damage with Stream Bank Engineer Barry Cahoon. He advised if the Leighton’s wished to repair the damage to their stream bank, they should armor the bank with 4ft minus rock. Merton was requested by the Board to write the Leightons a letter to advise them of the findings.

Merton reported that there has been no further night work on the Route #2 project, since Pikes ten days were up. They are working on connecting the water lines, as well as the storm water drainage. Pike expects to pave Route #2 next week and they request to work on Veterans day to help them finish, as their last paving plant is getting ready to close. After some discussion, the general consensus was that the Board had no objection to Pike working on the project on Veterans day. The USDA representative has confirmed that their grant money for individual property and stream bank restoration has been restored and Merton is moving forward with the Wasuk damage project. He requests that the Board authorize Doug Pastula to sign all documents required by USDA to move the project along. Michael K Walsh moved to authorize Doug Pastula to sign the paperwork required by USDA for the Wasuk project, Marvin Withers seconded the motion which was approved. Merton also requested to send out bid request for the Wasuk work to contractors on the highway bidders list, to save time.  After some discussion, Michael K Walsh moved to allow sending bid request direct to contractors on the highway bidders list. Approval must be secured from Mr Wasuk to the town requirements which include, agreeing to pay all towns cost involved in the project, pay all legal fees, assume responsibility for yearly inspection and repair, and collect his payment before awarding the project to the contractor. Marvin Withers seconded the motion which was approved by the Board.

Merton also advised there is a problem accessing the town’s web site, after the web host upgraded their server equipment. At this time he can not change any of the data so the notices have become outdated and the minutes have been shuffled around. Merton will work with the web technicians to correct the problem. A town resident has requested services of the town inspectors of lumber, shingles, and wood, to measure the load of fire wood that he received. The position is  held by the Selectboard. Angelo and Doug will visit the resident and checkout the wood pile. Merton advised he filed the planning grant with input from planner Jim Ashley. The object of the grant is to work on updating the zoning bylaws for the village of North Danville.

The Board reviewed the budgets and signed the orders.

With no further business, the Board voted to adjourn at 7:25 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Merton Leonard

Clerk of the Selectboard



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