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Danville Town Sights



Danville Town Hall and Offices

Located at the Center of Town right on US Route #2 is the Danville Town Hall. It houses the Town Clerk's Office, the Zoning Administrator's Office, the Lister's Office, the Town Administrator's office, and the Meeting room where the Selectboard's meetings are held as well as many other meetings including, the Planning Commission Meetings, Development Review Board Meetings, Conservation Commission meetings, the Emergency Management Meetings, as well as voting in various elections.

       The Town Hall itself, located on the second floor has been finished and is open for activities. While not large enough to house the regular town meetings, the hall is the frequent center for local activities including basketball, plays, movies, fair activities, dowsers, dances, weddings, etc. Required repairs included all new windows, replaced walls, insulation, wiring, heat, lights, restrooms, stage, and sprinklers, as well as meeting all codes and adding handicap access.

First Function in remolded Town Hall, the Junior Prom!


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Danville Village Center



Danville's Greenbanks Hollow Covered Bridge

        Brought back to its original condition, the Greenbanks Hollow Covered Bridge is just a short drive down the Peacham Road from the center of Danville. Driving south on the Peacham Road turn left at Harvey's Hollow onto Brook Road, continue on and you will come right to it. Drive right on through it and you will return back to the Danville Village Green via Brainard St.


Danville Train Station

    The Train station has just received a fresh coat of paint and is ready and waiting for the next train! As the song goes, the train doesn't stop here any more, but the station is ready. Until the train returns, it is being used for recycling and by the Historical Society. From the Green, just go south on the Peacham Road about a half a mile.


North Danville Town School

    Over in North Danville is the old North Danville Graded School. The school children have all been combined in one central school for some time, but the building has been preserved by the North Danville School Association and the Danville Historical Society, for the Town. It is the home of the Brainard Library and the Danville Historical Society. The building is available for daily rentals for local functions. Just go up Hill Street and continue on to Bruce Badger Memorial Highway for a few miles and you will come right to it.

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West Danville Joes Pond Beach

    Joes Pond and Joes Pond Beach is a popular place in the summer time. We hope everyone enjoyed the beach this summer it was great weather for it and the water tested great all summer, the beach was not closed once. The West Danville Community Club is continuing to work hard to raise money to pay for the beach operation for next summer. They need your support to insure its continued operation, as well as improvements they wish to make this year. Donations may be left at Hastings Store or mailed to: West Danville Community Club, P.O. Box 6 West Danville, VT 05873


New Pavilion at the Beach!


Find out more about Joes Pond by visiting the  Joes Pond Community website  .


The Pope Memorial Library

    Situated on the Green just across from the Danville Town Hall is the Pope Memorial Library, housed in a small historic building. This is an up to date full service library, stop by and check it out.


Danville Town Garage

    The Danville Town Garage houses all the equipment necessary for the up keep of the towns roads. This is a relatively new facility and was built by the building trades class at St Johnsbury Academy.

Road crew rebuilding a town highway

New road side mower

Danville Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Services

    The Fire Department is located on the Peacham Road, just across from the railroad station. All the fire fighting equipment and fire trucks are housed in this building.

Here is the new fire truck



Danville Rescue Squad New Building

    The new building has been completed for the Danville Rescue Office and Garage. This is where the ambulances are stored and is  the main office of the Danville Rescue squad You can checkout the new building by going south on Brainard St for a half mile.


Danville Town Forrest Quest Trail located at 2020 Trestle Road


Ward Cemetery North Danville


Green Up Day on the Water Andric Brook

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